Electric Crematorium

We are the biggest maker of Electric Crematorium. Electric Crematorium accompanies High-effectiveness single chambered. The gear has got strong state advanced temperature controller with Digital Display, Operating Switches, Indicators and high-review protection in prepared to utilize condition. Provided finish with Digital Control Panel Chimney. All the burning parts are of mellow steel fixed with obstinate and completely protected to avert warm misfortune and warming of establishment zone.

How do electric crematoriums work? 

Electric crematoriums work by using electricity to heat a chamber where the body is placed for cremation. Here's a detailed analysis of the process: 

  • Preparation: Before the body is placed in the cremation chamber, any metal objects, such as jewelry or dental fillings, are removed. Then, the body is wrapped in a shroud or placed in an appropriate container.
  • Preheating: The cremation chamber is preheated to a high temperature, usually between 760 and 1150 degrees Celsius, using electric heating coils.
  • Charging: Once the chamber has reached the desired temperature, the body is charged into the chamber through a door at the front or side.
  • Cremation: The electric heating coils continue to heat the chamber, and the intense heat causes the body to combust and turn into ash. The entire process typically takes between one and a half to three hours..
  • Cooling: After the cremation process is complete, the chamber is allowed to cool before the ashes are removed.
  • Ashes recovery: Once the chamber has cooled down, the ashes are collected and processed, and the remains are either returned to the family or dispersed in accordance with their wishes.

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